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30 April 2011


We watched _Adventureland_ at work tonight. It was good and pretty adorable. Kristin Stewart was actually quite great and adorable. Jesse Eisenberg also adorable. In a much less agonising way than that other indie romance fixture. It was great to see a film set in the 80s that wasn't soaked in obvious cliches. I suspect the script was from someone's autobiographical nostalgia, wanting to reminisce without totally fleecing the decade for gags.

However as these indie romances frequently do it gave nearly all the best lines to the boy who, despite his awkwardness, once again gets the girl thanks to his unwitting charm and charming wit. Also, all of the supporting lads were good or at least interesting and all the supporting lasses were neither. Which isn't that unusual either. I still liked it but.

Assorted Biscuits

Assorted Biscuits

Posted by Nutloaf

Who on earth ever decided to assorted biscuits?

13 April 2011

Finke River Tripping

I'm about to head off on a little ride along the Finke River. Originally I was going to do the Mereenie Loop, but I ate something funny the day before I was going to leave and now it's five days later. I had to do some bike adjustments. I'm really pretty bad at making bikes go. I hope it's OK.

Heavy Bike

Heavy Bike

Posted by Nutloaf

6 April 2011

New Game

New Game

Posted by Nutloaf

This is the new game I play at work. It can be pretty funny.

1 April 2011

Gate Crashing

I have been dreaming recently about small children crashing through safety gates and face planting in ways not entirely in keeping with OH&S best practice. In the dream I am sitting outside the gate and a grinning happy child is diving through the gate towards me and I know that I won't make it to them in time to stop their head from hitting the tiles. Perhaps it's fortunate that I don't see the end. Given that various things very similar have happened in real life lately I'd probably be a wreck if I saw the consequences.

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