Three Barreled Utopias

I get grumpy at all the three barreled strategies for utopia floating about nowadays. Usually you will a full stop between each word for extra effect. My least favourite so far is Think. Change. Do. for which we have the manicured self-satisfaction of UTS to thank. Now Friends of the Earth International, who I quite like, has mobilize, resist, transform. The words and ideas on their own are great and good. Chain them together with punctuation like that and you reduce the messy, uncertain process of social change to some gimmicky inevitability. Yuck.

Smug. Media graduate. Fuckers.

Biggest and Truest

The cover article on one of the Sunday paper magazines today was Final Justice: Inside one of Australia's biggest true murder cases. It sort of implies there might be a bunch of bigger murder cases out there, but mostly fictional ones. I don't know what their criteria for "big" is, but I would have thought that when it came to murder cases being true kind of trumps being fictional in the bigness stakes. For things like marriage, it might be different and maybe they think of a big TV murder the way they think of a big TV marriage. You never know what is going on the heads of the Sunday paper editors.

Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon

We watched Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon for Halloween last night, because it had nothing to do with Halloween. And also because it's Hong Kong kungfu comedy which is the best genre of film there is. It was pretty awesome. Great fighting and actually hilarious. Massively sexist and inappropriate - a lot of jokes were about police sexually harassing women. Somehow the bits in between were still really good. Yet another one of the Hong Kong films that makes you wonder how Hollywood can never get it together. My only theory so far relates to OH&S laws.