Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wasn't very good. It was exhausting and pretty much exactly the same as Forest Gump, but more digital air-brushing and fewer stupid people. Cate was very beautiful though.

The Day Hollywood Vomited Up Its Own Balls

I went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still on Boxing Day. It was one of the worst films I have ever seen. I would try to describe the ways in which it was bad, but it was bad in all the ways a film can be. The only exceptions were a few nice epic visuals and quite a few good shots of Hummers.

Some people liked it. But the only reason I didn't walk out after 30 minutes was my concern for ruining the happy Boxing Day vibe.

Rudd’s Saddest Day

I think today is Rudd's saddest day. Until today, I had been as happy with Rudd as I ever might have expected. My hopes for him were never high, but they were never disappointed either. But a 5% reduction is just silly. What a giant waste of everybody's time. All those millions of hours those poor scientists, negotiators and bureaucrats spent researching, negotiating and cratifying, they could have spent with their children and grandchildren instead.

Now I want to move to another planet with less mad people on it. I don't think Hobart will cut it anymore.


I started watching the Rome series this afternoon. I'd heard that it was OK, but there was too much sex and violence to be watchable. But I love sex and violence, and so far I am loving Rome. It's almost exactly what I like in a TV series. Like all the BBC period dramas but with less prissiness and with more sweet battles. And it's even slightly historical, so I feel like I'm learning.


Instant messaging used to be the best thing since email. Sometimes better. It is no longer. And even though email has somewhat fallen from our graces, I feel that IM has no value at all for conversing. It still gets used for snippets of conversations, but that's all. I'm sure it's far more to do with what I am like, relative to what I was like at 15.

I think the main difference might be that now IM is a tool to occasionally help me get other things done. I never just sit in front of it and talk to people. And you can tell that other people don't either. Switching between a lot of different tasks while talking to someone does not make for good conversations. Usually someone forgets to reply and the chat just ends prematurely. I somehow miss the insecurity of hovering over an ICQ message box waiting for the next little tidbit. Although not really.

I went to the policeman and told him that I wouldn't report my boyfriend because he had done nothing wrong. The policeman said thankyou for letting him know.