A Sense of the Humour

I think it's odd how important humour is too me, and I think to lots of people. You might have nothing much in common with someone except your sense of humour, but it will seem like a lot. And yet there are other people, who you have heaps in common with but don't laugh so much with, who you think are very different. A sense of humour, and the ability to fart the alphabet, are good and important. But are they really that important? I think I would like to value other things more, and humour a tiny bit less.

Could you marry someone who never ever laughed at any of your jokes, but who was otherwise really tops?


  1. I reckon sense of humour is so important cause it does represent so much of who a person is… ideologies, thoughts, opinions, what they take seriously or not! And for me ( I have what is sometimes described as bizarre or weird – but I like to thing as beyond their comprehension) I think that understanding my jokes (or atleast taking the effort to try)is in fact understanding me!

  2. I was thinking about that too. Maybe you can’t separate them. Although I’ve known people who didn’t get my jokes at all, but who really cared about me.

  3. they CAN really care about you without understanding you though!

  4. Matt never laughs at any of my jokes. Instead, he laughs when I’m being totally serious. Can’t figure that one out.

  5. Yeah. I guess you want to find someone who cares and understands at the same time.

    Haley, there’s nothing for it but to kick him in the bum. He’s asking for it.

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